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GlyEco is using breakthrough technology
to recycle waste glycol, safeguard the environment
and create valuable green products

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The Leader in Waste Glycol Recycling

Waste Glycol

Only a small fraction of hazardous waste glycols are recycled. The other 700 million gallons mostly end up in our surface waters, where they can have devasting effects on aquatic life. Up until now, recycling was not an option for many industries.

GlyEco solves the waste glycol problem. For a glossary of glycol terms click here...

Breakthrough Technology

Where only used antifreeze waste glycols were recycled before, we have discovered how to cost-effectively recycle glycol waste from many industries. We can recycle glycols to a level of purity indistinguishable from refinery-grade material.
Learn more about our technology here...

Location, Location, Location

And growing. GlyEco is the only multi-regional glycol recycler, Today, we have five recycling plants servicing a few thousand customers. We have big plans for more facilities in the coming year. Map our locations here...

It's All in the Chemistry

Our engineers are part of a growing group of chemists (they've been called mad scientists) who create chemical-based solutions which reduce or eliminate the generation of hazardous substances. Find out more from the EPA about green chemistry here...


About Us

GlyEco is a green chemistry company with a patent-pending technology for recycling waste glycol, a hazardous material, into usable, clean glycol. GlyEco Technology™ has the unique ability to clean dirty glycol from all five waste producing industries. This technology restores used glycol to meet ASTM Type EG-1 specification, the same level of purity expected of refinery grade glycol. We call it T1™ recycled glycols, and GlyEco Technology™ is the only cost effective method to meet those quality standard.


Can Green Chemistry Save the World?

We believe green chemistry can make a big impact, especially when wisely applied to preventing pollution and caring for our environment. We are focused on keeping our water sources safe and protecting aquatic life. Want to be a part of the solution? Join us and stay up to date as we promote recycling for a cleaner future.