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About Us

The number of recyclers that can produce glycol pure enough to meet ASTM Type EG-1 and EG-2 standards can be counted on one hand.  The number of recyclers who do it across as many industries and regions as we do, however, can be counted on one finger.

GlyEco stands alone.

We are the largest, most versatile, and most advanced glycol recycler in the world, and we’re working tirelessly to stay at the forefront of our industry so that we can make as big an impact on environmental conservation as possible.

Breakthrough Technology

The vast majority of glycol recyclers can only take used antifreeze glycols and restore them to ASTM standards, so that they can be used again as antifreeze.

In contrast, with T1™ we are able to recycle spent and contaminated glycols from a variety of industries, including automotive, HVAC, textiles, aeronautics, and health care. And we can produce glycols pure enough to be considered equivalent to newly made glycols.

The old limits no longer apply.

Unprecedented Quality

Meeting T1™ and T2™ standards using almost any source glycol is only the beginning. The GlyEco Comprehensive Quality Control-Assurance (QCA) Program ensures that we consistently produce an impressive, high-quality recycled glycol in a cost-effective manner. 

The QCA Program includes independent lab testing for compliance with ASTM standards, documented compliance with the EPA Hazardous Waste Manifest System (as well as all state and local regulations), and other policies and practices that ensure that we reliably meet or exceed our goals.

Expanding Footprint

GlyEco is the only multiple-region recycler in the world, with five strategically placed locations across the United States. We are the only multi-region recycler in the world.

And we are growing. The company is bringing on more recycling plants this year to serve our existing clients, and offer recycling services to additional industries.

Unique Intelligence

Our Chief Technology Officer, has over 30 years of experience in the glycol industry, and is a former head of the ASTM's Coolant Division. Rounding out our management team are senior chemical engineers and plant managers who are some of the most sophisticated antifreeze recycling experts in the world.

Our team is ready to tackle the industry’s thorniest problems head on.